Benchmade Adamas

An Adamas has reassuring weight for it, thanks to the fantastic balance achieved by Benchmade design and manufacture. It is just a great balance between the size, weight and thus practicality, and how it can go with a pocket very nicely. It will be somewhat bigger other typical EDC knives, but take a glance for yourself and you will see that it could absolutely serve in this fashion.

Should you be looking for a very sturdy effective knife that may also work effectively as an EDC, then this could be the choice for you. It really is tough enough to stand up to hard use, but is also comfortable, portable and versatile enough being suitable for every day usage. For the fairly big knife, it can be relatively flat and you may take it very comfortably. You will find that it is not too bulky or heavy by sitting nicely in the bank.

The automated type of the knife opens with force and authority. It’s got some real snap with it and deploys quickly. You’ll also find how the blade locks into position firmly and securely. The mechanism will stand up to whatever task after this you throw on the knife, until it’s time for it to return the blade towards the closed position.

The Adamas family was used during military deployment overseas. As you know, during these circumstances knives are used in a number of testing situations. Benchmade Adamas knives will always be up to the task. This knife will cut pretty much everything else you ask from it and will be at the very least comparable on a vacation knife the exact same size.


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