Kidney Problems May Be Life Changing

Kidney Problems May Be Life ChangingKidney Stones Treatment

Kidney stones treatment can be both time-consuming and excruciating, but given the pain and day-to-day discomfort of the kidney stones themselves, most feel kidney stones treatment is worthwhile and beneficial. It’s not worth it to suffer the pain of the condition when kidney stones treatment can cut that suffering fivefold or more.

Kidney stones themselves aren’t actually stones, but are a crystalization of the minerals found in urine. This crystalization, called “calculi”, happens in the urinary tract, which of course includes the kidneys.

Typically, kidney stones will be passed in your urine. Many – perhaps even most – stones will be passed without causing any noticeable symptoms at all. It’s only when they when they grow to a large enough size, say one-fifth of a centimeter, that they cause a blockage in the urinary tract and the pain onset begins. The pain comes from a stretching of the ureter, the area in your body where urine is stored before it is passed.

The pain is severe, and surprisingly difficult to pinpoint. Kidney stones will cause pain in the groin, obviously, but also in the sides and in your lower abdomen. Any and or all of those can be symptom, or in rare cases, you could have a-symptomatic pain shooting down your left or right leg as a result of kidney stones.

There are also non pain-related symptoms such as blood in the urine, which will usually be visible to the naked eye if the condition is severe enough. The blood is caused by the kidney stone literally tearing the inside walls of your urinary tract.

Kidney stones treatment can be done with drugs, homeopathy or, or course, surgery. Most kidney stones will be small enough to be passed naturally; often times without the person passing the stone even knowing that there was one. However, when they get larger then surgery may be necessary. This comes with its own host of problems, not the least of which is the healing process which can be as painful as the stone itself. More on this can be found at any number of websites, and of course, you can always talk to your doctor for a more thorough explanation.

Even better than treatment, though, is prevention. In this case, the main prevention is drinking plenty of water. Drink enough to pass at least two liters of water a day. Avoid eating too much protein. And, as always, avoid processed foods and drinks.


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