ACMSolver :: Art of Programming Contest, Tips and Tricks

ACMSolver :: Art of Programming Contest, Tips and Tricks

Perhaps you are already using C++ as your main programming language to solve TopCoder problems. This means that you have already used STL in a simple way, because arrays and strings are passed to your function as STL objects. You may have noticed, though, that many coders manage to write their code much more quickly and concisely than you.

Or perhaps you are not a C++ programmer, but want to become one because of the great functionality of this language and its libraries (and, maybe, because of the very short solutions you’ve read in TopCoder practice rooms and competitions).

Regardless of where you’re coming from, this article can help. In it, we will review some of the powerful features of the Standard Template Library (STL) – a great tool that, sometimes, can save you a lot of time in an algorithm competition.

The simplest way to get familiar with STL is to begin from its containers.


Any time you need to operate with many elements you require some kind of container. In native C (not C++) there was only one type of container: the array.

The problem is not that arrays are limited (though, for example, it’s impossible to determine the size of array at runtime). Instead, the main problem is that many problems require a container with greater functionality.

For example, we may need one or more of the following operations:

  • Add some string to a container.
  • Remove a string from a container.
  • Determine whether a string is present in the container.
  • Return a number of distinct elements in a container.
  • Iterate through a container and get a list of added strings in some order.
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