Why buying your new Kia from Kia de LaSalle is the best choice


In today’s generation, the general public would pay good money to get an equally good car. Sure, we could opt to go for a public ride but if given the chance to choose between a public vehicle or a private one, we would jump on the latter because let’s admit it: it is just far more convenient than the former. Nowadays, people even submerge themselves in loans to nab the best ride they could get their hands on. Of course, with the world being in a fast-paced, innovative progress, we see tons of these vehicles being manufactured in different parts of the world. The market for cars has been rapidly gaining a lot of attention as people all over the globe clamor to convenience and luxury.


That aside, not all cars are made equal and there are a good number of brands to choose from. With that in mind, let me introduce one of South Korea’s leading brand of automobiles: Kia. Kia is a huge company and is considered a giant part of South Korea’s ever-growing automotive progressiveness. Kia Motors has been around since December 1944 but was formerly known as “Kyungsung Precision Industries” before given the hip renaming in 1952. They only used to manufacture steel tubes and bicycle parts, which apparently led to them producing South Korea’s very first domestic bicycle. Over the years, this giant company branched out their abilities and began manufacturing other vehicles of different types. Around 1986, they have already created a number of cars and have been in various partnerships with other big named car companies all over the world. It seemed very good for Kia Motors as they spear headed quite a number of projects. Of course, it wasn’t all sweetness for Kia as during 1997, they declared bankruptcy during the sweeping Asian financial crisis. Not long after, Kia rose and braved the storms that it faced, and grew into a more successful company. Forward to this year, Kia has been topping lists and breaking norms.


With that in mind, Kia Montreal has been expanding its franchises all across the globe and has been catering to all things possible. If you were looking for a place where you can buy Kia models, you would love it in Kia De LaSalle. It is most probably the best car dealer you would find in Montreal. It has all the current models and they actually showcase tons of different types – hatchbacks, sedan, coupes, vans, mini-vans, subcompact crossovers, and SUVs. Not only do they take pride in a flavorful lineup, they also seem to be going big on discounts. A $500 to $700 discount is given to folks who will be purchasing their first ever car(s), as well as those who serve the country at lengths, and fresh graduates who are out to make their mark in the world. Kia is a top-notch automobile company and with their state-of-the-art technology applied to their manufactured vehicles, this one right here is a game changer.


Kia de Lasalle is a place you should be getting your Kia Montreal deals. They have great customer service and they have tons of freebies and discounts to generously give out.


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